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Polwork UK Ltd  has been in business for the last 15 years. We have a vast amount  of experience in building and designing house extensions. It does not  matter if the  design is simple or complex we have the experience and excellent tradespeople to carry out the work .We can do all the interior, and if needed the exterior work of an attic conversion, extending the roof, or if it is a ground level extension the work needed outside to finish the whole project. We have many satisfied customers throughout the UK.


We can also apply for all planning and building warrants needed for the project on your behalf. We can manage the project from start to finish if required with our architects or structural engineers who have a considerable amount of experience in these areas. We are more than happy to include consultations from clients or their own professionals to ensure we get the best project result for all.


At Polwork UK we use only the best tradespeople who have many years of experience from all sections of the building trade. This means we can give you the house of your dreams,built with our specialist tradespeople from the foundations to the roof.


If you have already consulted with an Architect and have all the plans for your new home, we can then provide you with a detailed estimate outlining all materials and the work required.


If you only have vague ideas or thoughts about what you would like your new home to look like our Architect can guide and offer advice on this stage also. We can also offer you our full support from the initial planning and applying for permission if needed for any work right through to the final completion of the project. this includes all the required paperwork for any works to be done.

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